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Puritan Financial Group, Inc.

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Puritan Financial Group, Inc.

In addition to offering a variety of prominent financial services, Puritan Financial Group, Inc., prides itself on upholding an active presence in its local Texas community. Puritan Financial Group aims to cultivate both company and client development while supporting worldwide organizations that share this core value of community. Working toward this goal, Puritan Financial Group provides funding for such charitable organizations as Habitat for Humanity International, the African Children’s Mission, and Shoes for Orphan Souls.

Through Puritan Financial Group’s parent affiliate, Puritan Financial Companies, retired individuals and those approaching retirement age have a valuable and seasoned ally in the consideration and execution of their post-career investments. Comprised of affiliates dedicated to financial advising, brokerage and investment services, and insurance and reinsurance policies, the Puritan Financial family of companies employs experts dedicated to bringing the most effective and pragmatic solutions to their clients, customized to their needs.

Puritan Financial Group displays particular prowess in the investment in mutual funds. Mutual funds provide a unique opportunity for investors; instead of investing individually, clients collectively pool their resources, which are then facilitated and overseen by an investment manager. Puritan Financial Group outlines numerous criteria for investment, including information on risk and return, and shows clients the benefits of participating in mutual funds to diversify one’s portfolio while maintaining responsibility for a singular investment. Other services offered by the Puritan Financial Group include investment in stocks, brokerage advisory, and various types of annuities, including deferred, fixed deferred, immediate, variable, and equity indexed. Puritan Financial Group employs skilled financial facilitators to guide clients every step of the way.

For more information about the Puritan Financial Group and its various affiliates and services, please visit www.puritanlife.com.

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