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Garianno Lorenzo, CEO

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Garianno Lorenzo, CEO

An entertainment professional with over two decades of experience in the industry, Garianno Lorenzo excels in the financing, production, writing, and management fields. Mr. Lorenzo has made significant contributions to the fields of film, television, music, and publishing, both in the business and creative spheres.

Over the course of his career, Garianno Lorenzo has pioneered and developed numerous technology innovations. Mr. Lorenzo assisted Derek Silvers in the creation of CDBaby.com, the first social network for unsigned recording artists. The network began with $1,000 and a few short years later sold for $33 million. He consulted on the development of the CD and DVD sales tracking software Nielsen Soundscan, and was the first to record a major recording artist directly to hard disk. This innovation, developed with Roland Corporation, ended analog tape recording and permanently changed the recording of digital music and video.

As a manager and producer, Garianno Lorenzo has contributed his talent to several well-known entertainment groups, including Dick Scott Entertainment, managers for New Kids on the Block and Mark Wahlberg; and C&C Music Factory, Grammy-award winning producers of The Bodyguard. In addition, Mr. Lorenzo has structured complex and innovative financing schemes for feature film production, advertising, and technology deals.

For his work in entertainment production and sales, Garianno Lorenzo has received two MTV Video Sales Awards, the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC) Producer of the Year award, and the Governor's Award. He has contributed his skills to three Grammy award-winning projects. He has also made significant creative contributions to the entertainment industry, including many composing projects with songwriter and socialite Denise Rich.

Garianno Lorenzo is also working on new cloning technology, called F.O.E. (Freedom Of Expression). Voice Clone will change how we think about music and film forever.

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